Filling out our 'Mushy Books' baby book has been one of our favourite activities.

A Few of My Favourite Things

I was not paid to endorse or review any of these products – these thoughts are my own and I simply want to share a few of my very favourite things!

One of the biggest adjustments to having a new baby that I have faced is just how much stuff they have. It’s not just a few things – it’s so. much. stuff. Our small home, which typically remains free of clutter, knick-knacks, or much of anything that would make it seem as though somebody actually lives here, has been overrun with an unbelievable amount of stuff. But as much as this influx of swings, toys, and carriers exacerbates my need to keep my home tidy and organized, I have to admit that the usefulness of some of this gear has made it slightly easier to cope with the ever growing piles of stuff. That’s why I wanted to share a few of my very favourite things that have made their way into my home. If somebody as orderly as me can find space in their home for these items, then you know they have to be good!

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Olivia and I snuggled together at just three weeks postpartum.

My Nesting Days Carrier has been one of my most treasured items in my first few months of motherhood. It is designed to promote skin-to-skin contact with your new baby, but it has done so much more for me. The inner lining has a control-top panel that has helped my postpartum tummy feel supported without being restrictive. It was also the only carrier that allowed me to fully be hands free when babe was a newborn, since she was quite small and would sink down uncomfortably in my other wrap carriers. Not to mention that it looks beautiful – I can wear it without a shirt underneath and nobody would ever know. If your babe is anything like mine and refuses to be put down in her early months of life, you need this carrier… and even if she does let you put her down, you still need it so you can snuggle her close and still be able to brush your hair in the morning.

For some reason I became extremely focused on finding the perfect baby book during my pregnancy. In our world of digital photo albums and special events being immortalized with their own hashtags, a real baby book that could be touched, held, and would contain my handwritten notes felt like something that my baby needed. But I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just any baby book, and when my Mushy Book arrived in the mail it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Each thoughtfully designed page prompted me to recall our most special memories and select our most beautiful photos. And as I worked hard to move on from my bout with Postpartum Depression, completing this book offered a sort of catharsis. This baby book did more for me than simply storing our baby photos – it helped heal my heart and strengthen the bonding process between me and my baby. **Olivia is posing with her Mushy Book in the feature image of this post! 

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My friend’s daughter, Kali, loves her cookie teether! My little Olivia adores her pink elephant.

My newest favourite thing is our Little Squish Designs teether. It’s the perfect soft – yet firm – teether for sore gums, and is completely safe to spend extended periods of time in babe’s mouth. I was impressed with the size – it’s big enough to help baby practice her gripping skills and to never pose a choking hazard, but the edges still fit inside of her mouth comfortably. There are plenty of adorable designs and colours to choose from, so we will be stashing many more of these in every corner of the house. They make wonderful baby shower gifts as well.

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Sexy, functional, comfortable – yes please!



One of the most obvious visible signs of motherhood (besides the bundle of joy in your arms, of course) is how much your body physically changes, both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. In addition to my growing hips and belly, I also developed breasts for the first time in my life. But when I went shopping for my first big-girl maternity bra, what awaited me was what I can only describe as a sea of beige and black “grandma bras.” Alas, I finally had the bust of my dreams and it was going to be hidden behind a thick wall of nude fabric. Fortunately, I stumbled upon You! Lingerie. Their maternity and nursing bras are beautiful, and when I tried one on for the first time it’s functionality did not disappoint – supportive, soft, comfortable, and it enhanced the look of my breasts instead of smothering them in cups that went up to my jawline. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful at all stages of her life, and pregnancy is no exception. These bras helped me feel fantastic without compromising the basic requirements that a good bra needs to fulfill.

One last thing that I should mention about all of these shops is that they were all started by mamas. These Mompreneurs saw a need for something, and on top of late-night feedings, temper tantrums, diaper changes and playdates were able to realize their dreams and create wonderful products that make other mom’s lives just a little bit easier and a lot more beautiful.

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