About Miss Sarah Strehler
Education is my passion – I love creating innovative, fun, and exciting ways to inspire and educate children. I strive to make the children I work with feel loved, valued, and inspired daily.

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Miss Sarah was instrumental in our daughter’s development. By the end of the SK year, we noticed improvements in her reading, participation and most importantly her self-confidence. We’re thankful for having a forward thinking teacher like Miss Sarah as her teacher during one of her most important developmental years.

Armen, Parent of former student

I must have the greatest luck, because all three of my children were able to spend their Senior Kindergarten year in Miss Sarah’s classroom. In fact, my twin boys had loved her since their sister was in her class two years before them. The joy and exuberance with which Miss Sarah approaches her students is a pleasure for a parent to see, as well as for a child to experience. It doesn’t matter if your child is of the smartest in the class or facing some challenges, Miss Sarah takes equal care in bringing each of her students to their full potential. My children (and I) miss her, but I know that the future children who will pass through her classroom will be truly lucky. We love you Miss Sarah!

Sylvia, Parent of former student

My children were fortunate enough to have Miss Sarah as their Senior Kindergarten teacher. She was always helpful, open minded and communicative about the academic advancement of my children. I always found her to be caring, warm and understanding, whether the issues presented for discussion were of a serious matter, or simply involved helping us as parents to understand our young children as they learned and evolved. She also taught much more than the basic school subjects by helping the children gain awareness of how precious things are around them, and that care is to be given to everything, big or small. To this day we hear, “you know, Miss Sarah used to say…” We miss you Miss Sarah!”

Nairi, Parent of former student