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The Importance of Preserving Memories

Before my daughter was born, people warned me that once you are a parent, “it all goes by SO fast; don’t blink or you will miss it.” I am already feeling the sting of this reality. During each special moment of my daughter’s development, I am acutely aware that I won’t get this precious day/hour/minute back. Typically, we preserve our memories by taking photos; but the digital age has made it possible to take and store an obscene amount of photos, and after only seven months in this world there are literally thousands of photos of my little girl. How do I cherish the really special moments?

baby olivia 6I have been completely amazed with the way photographer and artist, Dan Kaufman, has been able to help me capture the special moments of my daughter’s first year of life. After sending him a simple bird’s-eye view photo, we then worked together to create a story for the photo. He asked me all of the right questions to help me recall important parts of her “story,” such as her age, weight and height, what she said, what she did, and even what she ate. Within a few days, he sent me an artistic rendering that perfectly captured her personality during these special moments. I couldn’t think of a better way to preserve our memories!

Dan and I have many more story ideas on the horizon, including a crowd-surfing scene at a rock concert, a Fourth of July spread, and her first vacation to Las Vegas. I love knowing that the small details of these precious moments in her life will not be forgotten. These early years truly do go by so quickly, and then all you are left with are memories – why not make a few of them extra special?

If you want to contact Dan about creating a photo memory for your own little one, you can reach him at:, visit his Facebook page, or follow him on Instagram.

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